Monday, July 21, 2008


time for haircuts!

this past weekend, taylor and i got our hair cut at the same time! it was a fun adventure. joe took care of taylor and she did great, just like her first hair cut. she's stylin' now! i also decided to get my hair cut - at least 6 inches! it was getting too hot for the long hair! here are our before and after pictures!

Friday, July 11, 2008

dress up time..

joe brought back some clothing items from my mom's house for taylor. my grandma made smocks for my twin and i when we were growing up. i put one on taylor and needless to say, it was TOO big. i actually tucked it into her diaper!

and here is taylor in an apron. mom sent this too and taylor decided to wear it with her sunglasses while watching veggie tales. too cool for school...

in Ohio with daddy!

right before the fourth of july, joe and taylor headed up to Ohio for a few days. they spent a few days with my mom, and a few days with joe's parents. during that time they got to see lots of family and friends, and attend a family reunion! taylor did so well on all the airplanes and joe had a great adventure with her by himself. i spent the time (re) painting our bedroom and our bathrooms, yardwork, baking and watching LifeTime Movie Network - Christmas in July! enjoy these fun pictures!
at grandma nezzy's playing chase with aunt gretchen..

so much fun!

playing in grandma jeanette and grandpa john's backyard....

lots of mud...

LOTS of mud...

too funny!

eating corn with daddy. she loves corn.

here kitty kitty!!

playing with cousin braunster...