Sunday, November 16, 2008

fun weekend with the starkey's!

random pictures from this past weekend...
make sure she gets the last drop of cheerios and milk!!

getting caught!!

hanging out at fiddlesticks with the rest of ConocoPhillips.

joe and taylor sliding down the slide!! she loved it, joe was a bit scared!

playing in the sand!


yes! we put up the Christmas decorations early so we could enjoy them!!taylor helping us out - having great conversation with joe during the assembly!

we found this barbie doll during the unpacking process! she loves it! thanks aunt kathie!

drinking hot chocolate and loving every second of it!

long leg taylor enjoying the "leg lamp" christmas story ornament! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

the candy day.....

i LOVED halloween growing up because it meant eating tons of candy. right?! well, as a parent of a well-aware toddler, i dislike this day very much. however, after her sugar rush, she slept 12.5 hours. the down fall - all her teeth will fall out in the near future. just kidding. we dressed taylor up for our office trick or treat party this year. they created a safe area where the kids could walk around to each office and we got to take a few hours to socialize with our coworkers and their kids. we dressed taylor up in her flower girl dress and added hot pink wings, hot pink tights and her white striderites, added a tiara and woala - she's a punk rock 80's fairy! enjoy... taylor, our little fairy

"cany, cany, cany!!!!!"

still time for a conference call in between tricking and treating.

ah yes, the joe dirt wig made an appearance last night as we were getting ready for bed. she so looks like the real little joe dirt!

Random Fall.....

i found some random pictures when getting Taylor's halloween pictures up here. enjoy...

taylor wearing her cool new horse turtle neck from aunt jamie. fortunately we were able to run into lyndsy dunn's family at HEB so of course, we'll be getting one for josiah now too. he was quite fond of it.
taylor sleeping in the car

taylor and mommy on the slide

taylor on her new bike... she'll be able to ride it in the next few years!