Thursday, February 26, 2009

knock knock.....

So, I had this really cute dialogue with Taylor on the way to school this morning. She has known her last name for awhile now, but just made the connection about the rest of her family....

Me- Knock knock
Tay- Who’s there?
Me- Taylor
Tay- Taylor?

Me- Knock Knock
Tay – Who’s there?
Me- Taylor STARKEY
Tay- Taylor Starkey??


Tay – Knock knock
Me – Who’s there?
Tay- Mommy Starkey!

Tay – Knock Knock
Me – Who’s there?
Tay – Daddy Starkey

Tay – Knock Knock
Me- Who’s there?
Tay – OTIS Starkey!

(* Otis is Mamaw's (Joe's mom) dog!)

She is so funny and at such a great age right now! We are 95% potty trained and super excited about the cost savings there! She is also really into airplanes and babies... weird combination, I know. She is also all about a DVD I picked up at Big Lots one day randomly. It's called Koala Brothers and it's about two brothers in Australia who help people and fly around in their airplane all day! It's cute and at least it gives us a break from her Dora obsession for a while!
Have a great day! Love, Katie

Friday, February 6, 2009

well - winter is sure to bring two things - cold weather and sick kids! everyone around midland has been hit hard by the sicky blues lately. taylor bug started throwing up thursday morning from 1:30 - 3:30AM. it was a tough time for t and i; joe was in denver. then the fever came. today during her nap, ms. taylor was quite out of it and took an uncharacteristically long nap of two hours! she's actually feeling/acting better! thank you God!