Thursday, April 17, 2008

18-month stats

taylor had her 18-month check-up yesterday and did a fabulous job!
33.5 inches in height
25.4 ounches in weight
she's also doing super well in everything else and the doc said we could stop the allergy meds after may, so that's a blessing!
she's such a trooper with the doctor and sits very still and quite during the check-up. she was so good that they let her wear the stethoscope for a few minutes! it was super cute and i wish i had my camera!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tay's new room......

joe and i got pretty ambitious this weekend and painted taylor's room canary yellow. and then we rearranged her room. she doesn't seem to notice any difference, but we are happy with the result! we are going to paint the guest room and our room this weekend too! YIKES! pray for us.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

shirts to love!

here's taylor in a very controversial shirt! i have three sisters.. and we have been fighting/sharing this one particular shirt for years. one sister will have it for a while, and the others try and steal it whenever the chance arrives. i haven't had this shirt in about 3 years... when aunt abbe stole it from me when i was in the shower! aunt gretchen somehow got it, and mailed it to us this past week.... we decided to take this picture in hopes that it would make aunt abbe jealous!! as you can tell- the shirt is a bit worn out! and quite see-through!! we love the game, and had to get tay involved sometime.

i LOVE dr. pepper. my mom got this outfit for taylor and we love it. she hasn't actually tried dr. pepper yet, but some day she will love it like her momma. she had fun playing outside in the great weather this weekend!