Wednesday, September 30, 2009

three blessed years!

Our little girl just turned three years old. Seriously.... the time has gone by very fast and we are so thankful for all the love and joy this little girl has brought into our lives. She is so many things, and I would like to share this long list with you....

She LOVES to snuggle, give hugs and kisses and fix boo boos with colorful bandaids.
She LOVES Dora, Diego, and Cinderella
She sleeps in her big girl bed in her big girl underwear!
She LOVES to go on walks and looks at EVERY rock on the way.
She smiles SO big whenever she sees her daddy after a business trip.
She hates for her golden curly locks of hair to be touched or brushed!
She LOVES to wear dress-up shoes, no matter how red and squished her feet get!
She hasn't slept one night without her beloved "mickey" blanket since she was born.
She loves giving hugs to kids she's never met, especially at story time in Barnes and Noble.
She had us sing "Happy Birthday Princess" about every 5 minutes on her birthday.
She says prayers everynight before bed.
She loves "Kicks 99" and "Oldies" on the way to school and home.
She can count in English and Spanish
She LOVES sucking on her thumb
LOVES pop and candy (yep)
LOVES saying "mommy, mom, mommy" over and over and over
She LOVES being ornery
LOVES singing "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow....."
She LOVES Popsicles, and Icecream
She is one special girl, and this list could go on and on and on.
Happy Birthday, sweet Taylor Bug.

Taylor wanted a Princess Castle Cake.. this is what her momma chugged out. It only took about 8 hours. Or so.

We had Taylor's Birthday Party at a Jumping Party place. She had 16 friends ( we were limited on kids, or else we would have had EVERYONE come!)

Blowing out her candle - she did such a great job!

And..... 30 cupcakes we made for her preschool class!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

the bug

T and I have been spending lots of time together... it's been FUN and frustrating all at the same time (gotta love this toddler age!)! here are some funny pictures!

our birthday!

jamie and i celebrated our 20-something birthday at the end of august... to my GINORMOUS surprise, joe had kept a huge secret and my mom, jamie and jamie's baby reagan flew down here for the big day!! i was SO happy to have everyone here, even if her visit was literally 24 hours! my mom got to stay till monday! it was AWESOME!

some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy!