Monday, March 16, 2009

handy joe!

we had a water leak in Taylor's bathroom a few weeks ago. As a result, Joe cut a hole in the wall to find the problem. After a plumber came to fix the problem.... we still had a big hole in the wall or as Taylor liked to say "wall has owey!" So Joe, with a little help from our friend Rob, fixed the wall! See the before and after pictures! I think this should be Joe's new side business, don't you!?!!



Great Job Joe!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

fun times!

Taylor bug after a shower! In her super cute jammies from Auntie Beth!

This is a strange picture for anyone who doesn't know how little Taylor eats. She actually finished ALL her cereal and orange juice!

Brian, Ashton, Cheyanne and Erin Petty came over for a nice dinner on Saturday! Everyone says Taylor and Cheyanne look like sisters! Here's a good picture of the two!

Taylor wearing big girl panties to school!

Taylor after getting her Easter dress in the mail from Mamaw! Thank you!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our future lawn girl!
Nosy and T getting some face time

Nosy and T dancing with undies on their head (well, on Nosy's head!)

Me, T and Nosy... three generations

grandma nezzy's visit!

my mom is in town! yay! she came wednesday evening and will stay till tuesday! we have had a blast with her. it was so nice on thursday evening that joe was able to fix a broken sprinkler. of course, he needed to test it out, and strategically placed t in a spot in the yard before turning them on! poor girl. she had a blast though and she and joe decided to show off their scary faces! i'll post more pictures of mom's visit soon!