Thursday, August 20, 2009


my sister abbe is 36 weeks pregnant! i am super excited to meet mr. jay patrick lackmeyer! abbe, you look awesome!


growing up, you always have that favorite dish that your grandma makes, well our Neenee would always make PINEAPPLE FLUFF! it's amazing. i found the recipe yesterday and can't wait to make it - it's been a few years since we all had it!

Friday, August 14, 2009


joe and i were able to get away for a few days! thanks mamaw jeanette for watching taylor bug and nursing her back to health after a double ear infection!!!
we chose chicago because i just became joe's southwest companion and he had a free flight, so we took up the free flights and went to a city we haven't been together before!
enjoy the pictures! i especially hope that my dear pregnant sister abbe is happy with this post. she has been hounding me to put a new post up for the past few days. i figured that i should do so. you really don't want a pregnant lady to get snippy with you! :)
joe's dream come true - riding on seg-ways! it was a great tour/great time to goof off! it was a true blast!
eating our first chicago hotdogs at portillos! yummy. too bad we didn't get a before picture!

joe should advertise for these guys! not.

millenium park!

we got to hang out in wrigleyville with my roommate from college, beth and her husband james! we had a great time reconnecting!

one of our many train rides!

the navy pier!

the cubbies were in new york, so we saw the sox and got some new get-up to wear!