Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

joe's birthday; part 2!

Here are some more pictures of Joe's weekend with his family!!! We had a great time:

Braun man!

Taylor and Janis eating cake.

Joe's Birthday! Tres Leches cake! It's what he wanted! Look at Taylor licking her lips!

Taylor's chip apparently landed in Braun's belly button!

Playing in the tub together!

On a walk Sunday morning before Church!

Sweet kids - they are so good together!

Grandma Jeanette with her two granchildren!! She's in heaven with these two! I can't wait till we go to the beach in June with the Braunster, Doaks, Bonnette's and the Starkey's- we're are going to have a blast!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Joe's Birthday Weekend!

Joe's birthday was May 16th! As a surprise, Joe's Mom, sister and nephew came down for the weekend! The kids (Braun is 1.5 years old, Taylor is 2.5 years old) played SO well together and had a blast watching Elmo, eating cookies, going on walks and playing in the water! I am so glad they got to come down! The kids were SO good at a Sear's photo shoot too!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

trip to indiana!

i took a trip to see my twin sister, jamie, baby reagan and my family at the end of april. it was a much needed trip away and much needed time with my sisters, mom and aunt jane! i was only gone for 4 days, but it recharged me and caught me up on relaxation and sleep! joe's been gone on business trips almost every week since january! so it was nice to get away for a bit! Me, Reagan and Jamie!

Gretchen, Abbe, Reagan, Jamie and me!

and here's a picture of taylor and joe's adventure to the annual company picnic while i was gone! they had a blast!