Wednesday, October 10, 2007

new pictures of taylor!

here are some pictures of taylor we took this past week. we are getting better at walking around the house and may take a step on her own any day.... pray that when we fall, we fall on something soft!
cute new outfit- i actually had these same pants in the 3rd grade.

the first time we kept the glasses on for more than 2 seconds!

taylor's first quilt show in midland. she only screamed when the older ladies asked her not to touch the quilts!

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~Stevie~ said...

She is so precious! I wish we could have went to the quilt show with you. Although, my boys might have gotten beat by the old ladies...they would be hanging off of the quilts, trying to build clubhouses with them...I am certain. Probably best that we were out of town. haha.