Friday, December 7, 2007

christmas candy!

christmas is here once again and we are super excited this year because Taylor notices all the lights and loves the christmas tree! as tradition goes, i make candy around this time of year to share with friends and family. on sunday, i had made lots of candy with a coworker and planned to take some of it to my mother's group. an hour before i left, joe and i heard a huge CRASH from the dinning room.... as we ran in there, we found miss taylor sitting on the floor in the middle of glass!!! first of all- let me tell you that not one scratch was found on taylor from this accident- a pure blessing! she had gotten up on her tippy toes and had pulled the glass dish with all the candy in it from the dinning room table off! i had no idea she could reach that hight! she is a tall girl, but who knew!? any who- this is a picture of the barracade we set up so that we could clean the mess without her getting into it! she thumb-suckingly obliged! and just to let you know (mother's group readers) we threw out all the candy from this accident and started fresh with some candy we had reserved!

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Stevie said...

Yeah right-I knew my candy tasted funny! ;)