Sunday, April 6, 2008

shirts to love!

here's taylor in a very controversial shirt! i have three sisters.. and we have been fighting/sharing this one particular shirt for years. one sister will have it for a while, and the others try and steal it whenever the chance arrives. i haven't had this shirt in about 3 years... when aunt abbe stole it from me when i was in the shower! aunt gretchen somehow got it, and mailed it to us this past week.... we decided to take this picture in hopes that it would make aunt abbe jealous!! as you can tell- the shirt is a bit worn out! and quite see-through!! we love the game, and had to get tay involved sometime.

i LOVE dr. pepper. my mom got this outfit for taylor and we love it. she hasn't actually tried dr. pepper yet, but some day she will love it like her momma. she had fun playing outside in the great weather this weekend!


~Stevie~ said...

I meant to tell you-somewhere I have a special see-through grey t-shirt too. Except mine has MOTLEY CREW GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS written across it. Lovely, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

i have something to say. i have not had a chance to steal this shirt... nor have i had the chance to wear it since middle school... somehow i am out of the loop. so poo poo on all of you.