Thursday, September 4, 2008

so much.....

long time no post! here's a cute picture of taylor turning off the light! she had just finished a chocolate covered strawberry!
for my 26th birthday (8/26) joe was out of town. however, he was sweet enough to order a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries to be delivered to me from edible creations! they were the best! i shared with taylor and she was more than thankful that it was my birthday and we both got such a treat!

other happenings in the starkey household:
1. taylor screamed everytime we put her on the potty during our potty training labor day extravaganza. once joe and i realized that she was obviously NOT ready, we cut our loses and decided to try again later. note: she LOVED the potty before we started, but once it was an every couple of minutes issue, she decided to pee on the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, mommy's leg, daddy's lap, the sofa...... and this was in the first three hours.
2. taylor the comforter - at daycare taylor has a sweet friend her age named jillian. in the mornings they sit in the cafeteria before class. the last few weeks, jillian has been crying when we get there. taylor will always go up to her and say 'it otay' and give her a hug! so sweet.
3. becoming a girly. taylor actually sat still enough and wanted me to paint her toes AND fingernails the other day before our friend will's birthday party. she even blew on her fingers while they dried! last night she ran in and grabbed the polish because a few of her nails were chipped! oh my.
4. safety taylor. taylor knows not to go in the road on our walks, but to stay on the sidewalk.... last night during our walk, joe was walking beside us, but he was walking in the road. taylor stopped and said 'daddy, help' and offered him her hand so that he would get back up on the sidewalk! joe decided to see if she'd do it again and stepped back down into the road. sure enough, taylor had him get back up on the sidewalk!

taylor turns 2 at the end of the month (9/27) and we are just enjoying how wonderful this age is. yes, the terrible twos have found their way into our home, but we are having such a blast with taylor.

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