Thursday, January 15, 2009

taylor's new dog!

so, funny story.... we came home from Christmas vacation in Ohio to find a few planks on our fence knocked down and lots of doggy poo in our yard. OH, and not to mention our outdoor thermometer sensor chewed to pieces. I felt the need to run to the next door neighbors and demand they fix the problem. Joe nixed that idea. Then we headed to Ohio again and came back to the following pictures, in addition to three (3) dogs in our backyard running around! Note - the temporary barrier they put in place to keep their dogs out of our yard! Give me your opinions!!!!!


~Stevie~ said...

Joe's idea is stupid. Go rip your neighbor a new one! ;) Seriously, you HAVE to talk to him though...seriously.

The Smiths said...

Is that just a chair? How is that going to work? Yes, I agree with Stevie...must talk to neighbors! They should fix your fence. Wow!