Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our new house!!

Here's our new house.... it's really too big for us, but Taylor loves running around and going up and down the stairs! She loves it!

Joe and Taylor coming to the house for the first time!

The layout... I am missing a bedroom, the basement and two bathrooms here, but you get the picture!

The Chaotic Kitchen during unpacking!! YIKES!!!!!

We are all settled in and getting our bearings... we started work and school on Tuesday... both are going well. Hope to see you all up here soon!!!

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Nathan And Jaimi Chute said...

Ahhhh! Congrats on the new house! Hope you guys are getting adjusted well! I saw on the side of your blog where it is 58 degrees! No worries we are only 50 degrees higher than y'all! Ha! If only I was kidding!!

Nathan & Jaimi Chute