Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eleven Weeks!

Well... I have got to update more often! A lot has happened over the past (almost) 3 months...
We had about 7 weeks of visitors and help! We are blessed!
At 7 weeks, we (crazily) decided to take the kids to Disneyland..... Joe's idea! Haha, but the trip was awesome and both kiddos did great! We only spent one day at the park and one day in LA/Santa Monica. So, it was a quick trip and one that Taylor needed to take before I went back to my desk job. I am so glad we went, but it was definitely tiring!!

At Wade's 2 month appointment - he weighed in at 14#7oz. When he arrived into this world, he was 7#14oz.... he is growing so much! At around 5 weeks, he started waking only one time per night, so we are SO thankful for that. He started going to daycare 3 weeks ago and has been doing really well. His care providers have actually complained that he sleeps too much! But, he's our growing boy!

Going back to a desk job this time has been extremely hard. I have really enjoyed my time at home with #2.

Here's a picture of Wade (aka - Joe Jr.) at 8 weeks. He LOVES to smile and has started to make giggling sounds!

And here is Miss Taylor Janel - she is such an ornery ham these days - always trying to make everyone laugh! I catch her (often) singing to Wade and watching him laugh at her. She's so sweet.

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