Thursday, November 17, 2011

Update on our House... finally! :)

Well, a long over-due update on our house! Sorry!! Life just happened!

I can't get my pictures in order... so you'll have to imagine them as they are! Sorry! 

Wade's Room!

Wade's Closet

After nap-time!
Wade's Room

Guest Room (used to be a small sewing room)

Guest Room

Taylor's Room! (that door leads to her closet - which used to be part of Wade's Room)

Taylor's Room - she picked out her multi-colored fan too!

Taylor's beautiful room!

Taylor's room!

Hallway upstairs! Original woodwork - including banister!


Kid's bathroom! We made the towel hook - and designed the cabinets!
Look closely - Taylor's catepillar experiment from this summer is hanging on the wall!

Gotta love Potterybarn!

Kid's upstairs play area

Play area!


Our Room

Our Room

Downstairs bathroom - it used to have blue carpet and a tub - also, we put in cabinets where a closet used to be and changed the window from one, to three high ones!

Love these cabinets, and tall sink!


Potty (a.k.a. - Wade's favorite toy right now!)

Our office

The office... used to be our "pink room"

The hallway!
Kitchen.. we took out the cabinets on the bottom to refinish the wood floors (where carpet used to be)

Kitchen - with our oversized refrigerator from Montana (thank goodness it fits!) and a new microwave (we had to cut some cabinet out for it to fit), new oven and dishwasher.

Kitchen - original cabinets and countertops

Dining room - used to have carpet - and now we have refinished hardwood floors and this beautiful new hand-planked cherry Amish table!!!!! (I still give a shout-out to our awesome table that now has a warm home with the Powers' in Billings!!)

Living Room! New carpet and tile at the entrance laid by Joe and I (don't check it with a level, please)

Living room - with new electric up by the TV! :)

Dining Room (beautiful built-ins - original)

Living room - and stairway to the upstairs

Living Room (don't mind all the random stuff on the mantle!)

Another view...
LOTS and LOTS of hard work... and we are here! 

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