Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wade's Surgery, etc.

Well, Wade's surgery is finally coming up on Friday. Little dude is getting his umbelical hernia fixed. It's currently not painful for him, nor does it bother him, but does need to get fixed due to the size and fact that it will never be able to repair its self. The surgery will only take around an hour and is out patient.

Taylor, Wade and I will be travelling to Canton on Thursday after preschool to spend the weekend with Daddy and surgery will be on Friday morning in Akron. Taylor has been telling Wade that the surgery will be no problem and that he'll do just fine! She's awesome and has a surprise waiting for her at daddy's house - a new Leapfrog Leap Pad! We are excited to get this surgery over with - but the hardest part (like with Taylor at 9 months with her ear tube surgery) will be handing our baby to the doctors and walking away. Breaks my heart to even think of it. Thankfully, Taylor can keep us entertained and busy in the waiting room :)

Please pray for Taylor's patience and understanding, and Wade's doctors, his surgery, his recovery and his comfort. And pray for mom and dad not to get overwhelmed.

Here's a before picture - loves his John Deere tractors:

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