Wednesday, October 1, 2008


we went for taylor's well-check on monday and here are her 2 year-old stats:
weight - 27lbs (we got to stand on the real scale this time!) and in the 60th percentile. height - 35 inches (90th %). and if it rings true that you double this for adult height, she'll be as tall as her momma - 5'10"

we didn't have to get any shots but decided to get her the flu shot since we had it last year in january and still got the flu. we'll see how this works this year!

other than that we are back down to just the three of us. she is into pretending everything! it's so much fun - especially with the new baby doll grandma nezzie gave her. she will wipe her face, burp her and have her sleep... "baby seepin!" she is also having fun immitating joe and i, with the ocassional finger point followed by a smile and "no, no, no!" oh the things to look forward too!

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