Friday, October 10, 2008

what is happening!?

such a crazy week here in the starkey home! it started out with me returning from a great weekend women's retreat in NM to joe and taylor sick - taylor with the stomach bug and joe getting strep. joe went out of town on monday so T and i were venturing out on a week where i didn't know how she would feel and if i would be able to go to work. well, we didn't miss a day of school nor did we have to go to the doctor, so that's a blessing.

miracle #2 - taylor was placed in the 2-year old class this week (tear of sadness that she is getting bigger!). the first day in the class, i went to pick her up after work and the teacher said that this was a potty-training class and that taylor didn't need her diapers anymore. i shrugged it off remembering the horrifying first attempt joe and i had with potty training a few months ago and told her that T wasn't ready for that. her reply..... "taylor has used the potty all day with the other girls and boys and tells me when she has to potty. she also wants me to pull down her diaper like the other kids." UM, WHAT?! that's NOT my child! apparently, watching the other kids go potty encouraged her to as well. Yay for not torturing my child anymore at home on the potty!

so, i thought that if she can use the potty at school (we purchased big girl underware and pull-ups for school) then she will do it at home, logical, right?!?! not. we were getting ready for dinner last night and were in the bathroom trying to potty and washing our hands. taylor sat on the potty, but produced nothing to flush. however, stole some toilet paper and put it in the potty before i could stop her. moments later, she and i were in my room and i was changing for my oil painting class i had later that evening. the pants i wear to class are old with lots of paint stains on them. she took one look at my jeans and said "ewww mommy" then she ran off. i finished getting ready and ran out to the kitchen to finish dinner when i saw taylor running towards me with what looked like ice. as she got closer, i saw that it was the piece of toilet paper from the toilet she had thrown in..... and then she proceeded to wipe my pants where my paint stains were. i was in a state of "what do i do".... yell because she put her hand in the potty which is a no-no, or thank her for trying to clean my pants?! needless to say, i couldn't stop laughing as soon as it was all over!

pray that our potty adventures go well and that T uses the potty as a potty, and not as a potty AND a sink! :)

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Megan said...

So, what an awesome class. Can I put Leila in it just to get potty trained?