Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Ohio

We're ready for our presents now! Taylor with cousin Braun man.
Braun (14 months) Taylor (27 months)

Taylor with her Papa John
We are back in Texas after 10 days in Ohio. We are happy to be back, but miss family already. We had a great time, even though two nights it happened to dip down into single digit temperatures!
Taylor made out like a bandit like always, and Joe and I couldn't have asked for a better time spent with family and friends. Taylor got so many gifts - and the ones that made the top of her happiness list was a princess dress from cousin Ellen that she wore for two days, a toddler-proof camera from Grandma Nosy (we tried to call my mom GMA Nezzy, but Tay had other ideas for her name), and a Little People's town from Mamaw and Papa.
Taylor was absolutely perfect on the plane ride home Monday - falling asleep on my lap after each take-off and waking up as we landed!!!!!!! I think she was detoxing from all the sugar and candy her grandmas kept feeding her!! I'll get you both back some day! :)
Happy New Year!!

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