Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our non-racing trip to Dallas.....

We headed to Dallas this weekend. Orinignally we planned for cousin Emily from Ohio to come to Midland to help take care of Taylor and Joe after Joe's toncilectomy on December 10 while I raced in the White Rock race in Dallas. Everything changed - Joe cancelled his surgery, and I got sick and had to stop training just two weeks before the race. BUT, we still had Emily come down and we all decided to take the trip to Dallas, support the team for Mr. Will and get some Christmas shopping done! We had a great time and here are the pictures from the past few weeks....
Emily and Taylor on a break from driving!

Taylor hanging some ornaments from Aunt Jane!

Drinking and driving on a fun new toy a coworker was so kind to give to us!

And this is currently how our potty training is going. Yes, she sat on the sidewalk and peed. Oh, and this doesn't show how about an hour later she poo-d on the living room floor. Thank God for sidewalks and tile!

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Katie said...

yeah, I am so Not Ready to deal with potty training yet! sounds like some fun times, katie.