Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We are Pregnant!!!

Yes! We are 3 months and counting and awaiting baby #2's arrival February 7th, 2011!!
We found out we were pregnant 2 weeks after moving to Montana! I guess it took a lot of stress and moving to get pregnant! haha. We told Taylor right away and our family. Taylor likes to call the baby a few names, including "Janessa," "Tiana," and "Gisella." She went to the doctor with us when we got this sonogram and it helped her understand more that even though mom kinda still looks the same, there is in fact a baby growing inside her belly! :) Anyway, glad we are finally sharing the news with everyone!

Have a wonderful day!! :)

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Nathan And Jaimi Chute said...

OMG! How exciting!!! I hope you get a little boy! Even though ours is not here yet, he has been lots of fun!! Congrats guys!