Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer in Montana!

Billings, Montana - summer 2010 has brought us a tornado, torrental rains, more tornado warnings, and very warm days. It's been a great summer so far and we are excited about all the visitors we have had, and who are coming out still.

Here's a recent picture of Taylor.... being Taylor. She's a star!

Eating icecream at our own ColdStone Creamery!!! Mmmm

We went to Ohio for 10 glorious days... and I really have no pictures. But I did capture a great trip we had to Nelsonville for a train ride! Here's Taylor with ther Grandma Nezzie!

She loved the train!! Such a sweet girl!

New post next week with some exciting photos! :)

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Nathan And Jaimi Chute said...

Glad y'all are having fun and enjoying your new transition!!! Taylor is adorable!!